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Patient preparing for knee replacement.
Makoplasty Surgery

When Is the Right Time to Consider Joint Replacement?

Joint replacement surgery is a procedure where a damaged joint, including cartilage and bone, is removed and replaced with one of the following:  A metal device A plastic device A ceramic device  The procedure is commonly used to alleviate joint pain or damage caused by an underlying disease or condition. The devices that replace

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Man doing yoga on the beach, flexing healthy hips.

The Patient’s Guide to MAKOplasty

Your hip has been bothering you for years, and now you’re ready to experience relief with the help of joint replacement surgery in Scottsdale, AZ. You’re in good company. Research shows that 450,000-plus hip replacement procedures are performed in the US each year. This number is slated to climb to 635,000 procedures by 2030.

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knee surgery evaluation
Alternative Therapies

CORI Surgical System: What You Need to Know

Robotics-assisted surgeries are a growing segment of general surgeries. The use of robots to perform knee replacement surgery and other procedures increases by 3% per year. Patients who undergo the advanced form of surgery can benefit from quicker recovery and better overall outcomes than traditional surgery. Are you preparing for a full or partial

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Elderly couple with hiking poles

How Long Does a MAKO Hip Replacement Last?

Hip replacement surgeries can relieve pain, improve function, and prevent further tissue and bone damage. Before you resign yourself to the surgical table, it helps to know what hip replacement options you have. MAKO is a robotic technique that is gaining traction nationwide. No, MAKO is not an acronym, but rather, a robotic product

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Man sitting on edge of pool with legs in the water

Mako Knee Replacement: Recovery Time & How Long It Lasts

About 790,000 Americans have total knee replacements (TKR) each year. Do you struggle with knee pain or instability that impacts your daily activities? Has your doctor recommended that you get a TKR? Today, new advances in technology are making the recovery process easier. The Mako robotic knee replacement surgery is quicker and can help

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Knee scan images

What Is Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery

Minimally invasive knee replacement surgery refers to modifications of conventional knee replacement surgery designed to reduce tissue trauma and improve recovery time. Knee replacement surgery is one of the most successful procedures in modern orthopedics. The procedure involves resurfacing the knee joint with biomaterials that substitute for the worn-out bone and cartilage.  Many conditions

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