Category: Hip Replacement

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May 18, 2022

How Long Does a MAKO Hip Replacement Last?

Hip replacement surgeries can relieve pain, improve function, and prevent further tissue and bone damage. Before you resign yourself to the surgical table, it helps to know what hip replacement options you have. MAKO is a robotic technique that is gaining traction nationwide. No, MAKO is not an acronym, but rather, a robotic product Read More…

Jul 23, 2021

5 Hip Replacement Symptoms to Watch For

It’s not unusual for people who are in their fifties or older to experience hip pain. The decades can take a toll on a person’s bones, muscles and joints, leading — in some cases — to osteoarthritis. Younger people can also have hip pain, of course. Sometimes joint injuries can cause discomfort years later. Read More…

Dec 27, 2019

What To Expect After Anterior Hip Replacement

What Is An “Anterior” Total Hip Replacement  An anterior total hip replacement is also known as a total hip arthroplasty and is a surgical procedure that replaces a damaged hip joint to allow patients to function without hip pain. Anterior refers to where Dr. Martin places his incision, which is on the front of Read More…