CORI Surgical System: What You Need to Know

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Robotics-assisted surgeries are a growing segment of general surgeries. The use of robots to perform knee replacement surgery and other procedures increases by 3% per year. Patients who undergo the advanced form of surgery can benefit from quicker recovery and better overall outcomes than traditional surgery.

Are you preparing for a full or partial knee replacement? CORI surgical system adds improved precision and an extra layer of planning for total and partial joint replacement procedures. Read on to learn more about the CORI system.

1. Main Benefits of Using the CORI System

Traditional surgery requires the use of large incisions that allow surgeons to place their hands inside the abdomen or surgical site. Traditional operations also require incisions that can fit large surgical instruments.

One of the main benefits of using robotics-assisted knee surgery is the elimination of large incisions. This, in turn, allows for lower loss of blood and a quicker recovery.

All forms of robotic surgery allow for greater precision. The specialized instruments used by surgeons to perform operations remotely are carefully calibrated and designed to allow surgeons to perform incredibly complex surgical maneuvers with ease. 

During your procedure using the advanced CORI system, your surgeon will be just feet away. In the event of an unexpected occurrence, your surgical team can quickly intervene as needed.

2. CORI Can Aid in Knee Replacement Surgery

Whether you require partial or full knee replacement, Dr. Martin can restore natural motion to your damaged knee using the CORI system. The advanced system can be used to treat the medial, lateral, or patella-femoral compartment of the knee.

Dr. Martin, a highly esteemed surgeon, will preserve native ligaments while removing damaged knee tissue. Following partial or full knee replacement surgery, patients can expect to return home the same day.

Knee replacement patients typically enjoy restored motion within two weeks after operations. Any discomfort should end around that time as well. 

Dr. Martin uses kinetic balancing when cutting through bones to mimic the patient’s natural shape. Historically, surgeons would make a flat cut to accommodate plastic and metal artificial joints. 

By altering patients’ anatomy, doctors at the time made patients have to relearn how to walk. Dr. Martin’s unique surgical knee replacement technique focuses on only replacing areas with significant wear and tear.

During knee surgery, Dr. Martin uses a pump that releases medication that numbs the knee for three days. Once three days pass, Dr. Martin will prescribe over-the-counter painkillers.

3. How CORI Can Aid in Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. Martin can treat a wide range of hip problems that require surgery. Hip dysplasia refers to an underdeveloped or shallow hip socket. Many of Dr. Martin’s patients require surgery to address hip arthritis, which can lead to inflammation of the ball and socket joints.

Patients who have experienced labral tears and soft tissue inflammation in the hip can also find relief through partial or full hip replacement surgery

Dr. Martin will identify issues with your hip using MRIs, a physical exam, or other forms of imaging. No matter how serious your hip problems are, Dr. Martin will take care to preserve much of your natural joint as possible. 

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At The Joint Replacement Center of Scottsdale, we are experts in robotic surgery, using the latest technology and compassionate care to provide an exceptional level of joint care.

4. How CORI Is Different than Other Forms of Knee Replacement Surgery

The CORI system eliminates the need for patients to be exposed to radiation from CT scans. A single CT can release the same amount of radiation as about 50 normal x-rays.

The CORI system also allows patients to forgo having metal rods placed in their legs. Intramedullary (IM) rods are often drilled into the center of bones during joint replacement surgery. 

Since the CORI system already has anatomic information about your knee, there is no need for IM rods. Your surgeon will use CORI’s handpiece to place the joint replacement devices.

Lastly, the CORI system helps surgeons plan procedures based on the patient’s unique anatomy. The system uses an advanced computer system. This program gathers anatomic and alignment information about the joint that your surgeon treats.

This added layer of data ensures your knee procedure is performed as intended. The program also ensures that the implant is accurately positioned.

5. What to Expect Following Recovery from Surgery

Following recovery, you can expect drastically improved mobility. Knee and hip pain can greatly reduce a patient’s ability to walk long distances. Patients can enjoy the health benefits that come with increased exercise and mobility. 

With a 95% success rate, patients can rest easy before and after surgery. This can be important for your mental well-being if you are afraid of undergoing surgery.

Following surgery, patients can expect a rapid cessation of discomfort. Many patients live with high levels of discomfort and pain before their surgery.

Joint replacement also means not having to worry about prolonged alternative treatments. These can include injections, medications, and cortisone therapy. Once you recover from surgery, you can return to your normal routines. 

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There’s no longer any need to be bummed about your bum knee. Following surgery, you can enjoy the restoration of function in your knee or hip. Surgery necessarily comes with discomfort, but Dr. Martin will take care to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. 

The CORI surgical system, as described in this article, is revolutionary for several reasons. Robotic-assisted surgery has been performed for decades. To maximize the benefits of this advanced and minimally invasive form of surgery, consider using the CORI system.

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