Category: Joint Pain

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Oct 25, 2022 foods for healthy joints

Top 10 Inflammatory Foods That Affect Joint Pain

Over 52 million American adults have arthritis. There are many potential courses of treatment. One of them includes eliminating foods that cause joint pain. But to revise your grocery list, you must understand what inflammatory foods to avoid. Modify your diet accordingly, and you’ll likely experience less joint pain and inflammation. Below, we’ll explain Read More…

Sep 28, 2019

Top Tips for Avoiding Joint Pain this Winter

When winter weather rolls into town people often feel that it not only brings tidings of holidays, shopping, and family but also joint pain. For some, they feel it so keenly that they seem to be able to predict the weather changes based on the status of their joints. Although science provides no clear Read More…

Aug 8, 2019

How to Prevent Common Golf Injuries and Protect Your Joints

Golf, despite its quiet reputation, is a very physical sport. While Golf’s inherent dangers aren’t obvious, players are often injured or in pain. Most professionals exercise to remain conditioned for golf but even still the aggressive nature of a golf swing may place hefty stress on their body causing a majority of professional golfers Read More…