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Swimming is a low-impact sport
Sports Injuries

Low-Impact Sports & Exercise for Joint Health

You know that exercise can offer many benefits, but it doesn’t just stop at helping you run farther. In addition to supporting stronger muscles and better cardiovascular health, sports and exercise are also excellent tools for promoting healthy joints. However, it is important to choose the correct exercises to provide support for your joints

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Runner suffering from IT band syndrome
Knee Pain

IT Band Syndrome: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that IT band syndrome, also known as iliotibial band syndrome, commonly affects cyclists, basketball players, runners, and skiers? If you experience pain in the outer part of your thigh or knee while running or engaging in other physical activities, you may be dealing with IT band syndrome. This is a common

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a runner stretching
Sports Injuries

Feeling Pain vs. Muscle Soreness

You’ve been walking around with muscle pain in your leg for the last week. Or is it soreness? You feel like you’re in pain when you get out of bed or try to get into your car to go to work. But is it really pain? Or is it soreness from that hard workout

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Tennis player on the court
Sports Injuries

Common Tennis Injuries And How To Avoid Them: Protect Against Jumpers Knee

Tennis is an extremely enjoyable yet physical sport that requires agility, speed, strength, endurance, and coordination to play. Due to the multitude of physical requirements to play tennis, it is no wonder that injuries occur regularly. The most commonly thought of injury is “tennis elbow”, however, tennis can cause injury to many parts of

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Runner in set position
Sports Injuries

Common Running Injuries And How To Prevent Them

Running is a physically demanding activity that works your entire body but impacts your lower body with every footstrike. When you run your weight-bearing joints, specifically the knees and hips experience pressure around 3 times your body weight when walking and approximately 5 times your weight when running. Although reported running injuries range in

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